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    Lehrstuhl für Pharmakologie


    Chair of Pharmacology

    Prof. Dr. Martin Lohse


    Pharmacology is the science of drug actions. Our research focuses on receptors. These are proteins (mostly at the cell surface) that naturally bind hormones and transmitters (the chemicals that allow communication between cells), but they also bind many drugs. Receptors transmit the binding signal into a cell's interior and thereby produce a cellular reaction. The sum of all cellular reactions is an organism's response to a drug.

    We investigate the fundamental mechanisms how receptors function, how they can be activated or blocked, and how they transmit their signals into cells. But we are also interested in the functional effects they have, notably on cells of the cardiovascular system, and how they affect the organization and the motility of cells. These are the fundamental mechanisms of diseases like heart failure and cancer.

    Teaching is offered in General and Clinical Pharmacology for students in medicine, biomedicine, experimental medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and sciences.